LOVE tea blend

LOVE tea blend


organic loose leaf tea blend to invoke love. enjoy a cup when you need a little extra love, affection, want to practice self-love/self-care, drop into your heart, or enjoy with a friend to create a loving environment.

super powers: 

  • heart-opening

  • a nourishing tea blend for the soul with a sweet & gentle energy

  • invokes love, compassion & appreciation

  • works with the heart & sacral chakras

preparing and sipping tea can be a wonderful ritual for practicing mindfulness. you can think of the whole thing as a meditation. prepare your tea, and sip slowly, if possible, do nothing else! gift yourself a moment of peace, a break from the ‘doing'. 

plant magic: red rose, linden leaf & flower, raspberry leaf, jasmine, licorice. all organic.

**avoid during pregnancy or if trying to get pregnant, if you have diabetes or high blood pressure**

16oz reusable jar

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