SACRED SPACE ritual kit

SACRED SPACE ritual kit


this kit invites you to create sacred space in your every day life, through simple ritual.

when we create sacred moments we can tap into the deep beauty and harmony woven into life, and to the divinity within.

thoughtfully curated and infused with deep intention, these items will assist you in connecting more deeply to yourself, so that you can connect to & experience divinity everywhere else.

super powers: 

  • assists you in creating sacred pauses in your everyday life

  • helps create new habits that support you in connecting to your higher self/best self

  • invites beauty & grace into your life

  • raises your vibrational frequency

  • creates space for clarity & inner guidance

  • supports women artisans & organizations dedicated to reforestation

kit includes: 

  • ritual guidebook

  • sacred space contemplation card

  • white rose flower essence (learn more here)

  • sacred space affirmation spray (learn more here)

  • sacred space anointing oil (learn more here)

  • temple blend, non-toxic hand rolled incense cones with muslin bag

  • incense bowl, handmade artisan pottery for holding incense cones

  • amethyst crystal

amethyst promotes inner peace, healing, protection, stress relief, balance, and self awareness. awakens the third eye, crown and etheric chakras. enhances meditation and intuition. 

  • comes gift-ready in a reusable kraft cardboard box with magnetic closure

  • all organic or wildcrafted ingredients


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