RADIANCE ritual kit

RADIANCE ritual kit


This kit invites you into your radiance, through everyday simple ritual.

super powers: 

  • invokes your inner radiance & magnetism for attracting what you desire into your life

  • inspires creativity, juiciness, sensuality, confidence

  • it is energetically aligned for manifesting the feminine way— through flow, pleasure, serendipity, grace.

  • works with the root, sacral & solar plexus chakras.

  • it is uplifting & energetic, like a sunny summer day

kit includes: 

  • radiance affirmation & contemplation card

  • radiance affirmation spray (learn more here)

  • magnetize anointing oil (learn more here)

  • shakti rising elixir (learn more here)

  • copal incense sticks (handcrafted by mayan families in Mexico)

  • citrine quartz crystal (for manifestation, abundance, prosperity, joy, confidence)

  • comes gift-ready in a reusable kraft cardboard box with magnetic closure

  • product ritual cards

  • all organic or wildcrafted ingredients

 1 ritual kit

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