MAGNETIZE anointing oil

MAGNETIZE anointing oil


Magnetize anointing oil is made to invoke your inner royalty— the one within that knows their worthiness and moves in the world with intent & confidence.


  • to feel sultry, sexy, creative, & empowered.

  • activate the yin energies of sensuality, radiance, magnetism

  • confidence

  • invoke your inner muse - ignite creativity

  • manifestation the feminine way— through invitation, receptivity, in flow, with ease & pleasure.

  • aphrodisiac- activates the sacral chakra- our creative centers

  • infused with citrine quartz

Anointing oil is to be used on the skin during ritual, prayer, or as a daily natural perfume.

Plant magic: made with a proprietary blend of aphrodisiac and grounding essential oils in fractionated coconut oil.


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