LIMPIA/CLEANSE ritual bath salts

LIMPIA/CLEANSE ritual bath salts


Cleanse and clear your energy with this powerhouse blend of herbs & sea salt.

Tend to your energetic & physical bodies by soaking in a hot bath when you are feeling “off”, stressed, out of balance, feel low in energy, or have been in chaotic/negative/draining or intense settings. If you don’t have a bathtub you can also make a foot soak.


  • Reusable 8oz mason jar with bath salt blend

  • Muslin bag to steep in the bath, to avoid having to clean up a messy bathtub

  • A card with ritual instructions & invocation

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, garden grown white sage, dandelion leaf, mugwort, rosemary, clary sage essential oil. All organic.

8oz (2 baths)

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