RADIANCE affirmation spray

RADIANCE affirmation spray


“I am vibrant & centered in my creative power. I shine my unique light on the world & easily attract allies to assist me in building my dreams.“ 

affirmation sprays help support a specific intention, and are an easy & fun way to call in specific energies. they are used externally to shift the energy in ourselves or in a space. they help us manifest the affirmation & create new neural pathways & habits. 

super powers:

  • Activate your life force— the power within that radiates & magnetizes.

  • Invoke your inner juiciness & aliveness, the one within that knows their worthiness & moves in the world with confidence.

  • Feel vibrant, creative, & empowered.

  • Manifest support & allies through your radiant energy field.

  • Uplifting & alluring

plant magic: proprietary blend of essential oils in filtered water. all organic. for external use only. shake before each use.


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