GROUNDING affirmation spray

GROUNDING affirmation spray


affirmation sprays help support a specific intention, and are an easy & fun way to call in specific energies. they are used externally to shift the energy in ourselves or in a space. they help us manifest the affirmation & create new neural pathways & habits. 

affirmation: "I am grounded, steady, and supported. I call my energy into my body and connect to the energy of the Earth beneath me".

super powers:

  • helps ground your energy (tree medicine)

  • helps you release stress & tension

  • helps you return to your core stability

  • clears your energy field, or any space, of unnecessary energetic clutter

plant magic: essential oils of palo santo, cedar wood, sage, & myrrh. filtered water. all organic. for external use only. shake well before each use.


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