Personal Guidance & Custom Elixir

Personal Guidance & Custom Elixir


Work with me one on one.

I will create your personalized elixir, once it is ready we will meet online or in person. We will create sacred space together, I will lead you on a plant meditation to introduce you to your plant allies, & then we will talk about recommendations (practices, reading, resources) to help you move through what you are growing through. I can teach you about the plants you’ll be working with, use my knowledge of spiritual psychology & other empowering modalities, or simply provide spiritual guidance. We will have 60 minutes together.

Your custom elixir will be created to help you on your healing path, work through spiritual/emotional/psychological blocks, or manifest intentions around a change of behavior or limiting belief system. Plants are powerful & loving allies that can lend their support physically & energetically to ease your journey.

How it works:

  • When I receive your order I’ll email you a consultation form. You’ll need to answer all questions thoroughly.

  • Once I receive the form back it’ll take me 1-2 weeks to create the elixir. If I have any questions, delays or concerns I will be in touch with you.

  • You’ll receive a 2oz elixir via mail, along with instructions on how to use it.

  • We will schedule our session ahead of time & will have 60 minutes together to drop into whatever will best serve you.

  • Price includes domestic shipping, for international shipping extra fees may apply.

Elixirs may contain herb & flower tinctures & glycerites, raw honey, rose hydrosol, flower essences, crystal essences, mantra. All elixirs are made lovingly, in ceremony, charged on my altar & infused with prayer.

In working together I will pull from my knowledge & practice of Spiritual Psychology, Gene Keys, Folk Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Energetics & the Chakra System.


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