To be radiant is to inhabit your aliveness, to cherish it,  

to touch the knowing that you are here, 

that you are valuable,  

that you are willing to wield your inner power. 

Radiance is life force emanating out of you, it's your sunlight.  

It's joy, satisfaction, fulfillment, peace— traveling from the core of your being out into the world— through the look in your eyes, through an authentic smile, through the way you move, through the way you speak.  

It's your soul glow, your divine inheritance;  

it is the communication between your Soul and the world—that you remember you are strong, worthy, powerful.  

Even with all the heaviness, even inside of archaic systems, despite your own challenges and wounding, you have touched your inner light, and now here you are, unafraid to be seen, and reminding everyone around you what that's like.  

Irene VizcarraComment