To participate in ritual is to step into a different reality, one where whatever we are carrying can be laid to rest.

It creates a space that is sacred, that is just for us, for honoring the magic & mysticism that is Life.

A space that is free from the tentacles of the “real world”.

A place to drop into the depths of our souls & the intelligence of our hearts.

A place to allow the linear world & the rational mind to take a rest.

A place to acknowledge and validate the invisible realms & the ways we are connected to & affected by them.

It is a holy space, just for us, where we are welcome in all our glory & mundaneness, as our best & worst selves.

It doesn’t matter how we show up to this space so long as we show up.

In ritual all of our complexities become simple, and all that is required of us is presence. This moment. Nothing else matters, nothing else has power over us. All that matters is this meeting point between spirit & matter.

Here, we are free to be.

Here, we remember what we have forgotten.

Here, we touch the infinite & its magic.

Holy Wild is an invitation into Ritual.