Processing through Pleasure

Reclaiming my right to be a sensual being, for MYSELF. For the sake of my own pleasure. Not for another. Not for attention. Not for validation. For MYSELF, for my own nourishment & expression. 

Sentient. Awake. Unapologetic.

Some days it’s barely bearable to be an empath, and I’m being guided to learn to process & heal through pleasure too, not just pain.

••• •••

Today was intense. I woke up feeling so much. I tried to work but I couldn’t, I tried to numb, ignore, deflect. But around noon I realized today was one of those days when surrender was inevitable— I either practiced supreme self-care or I suffered. So I let myself sit in silence with everything. And I lit a candle & asked my guides for help. And I did a cathartic breath-work session, and I yelled & I cried. And when the peak of intensity passed, I asked myself, wouldn’t I feel better if I showered and oiled my body, if I put something on I feel good in, if I put some music on I can dance to? Mmmm. Yes, the answer was yes.