For the Light Bearers

This is for all my babes going through it. 

For the ones willing to get uncomfortable.

The ones who have broken up with complacency.

The ones walking through the fire. 

This is for the ones that get to "the other side", only to find it was just a respite, because on the other side there are more mountains to climb, and you climb on, even though you are weary and tired. 

This is for the ones that haven’t arrived anywhere, the ones who labor for themselves and others, the ones that are willing to keep going. 

For the ones that are walking through the valley of the shadow of death, to their sovereignty. 

For the ones willing to look directly at their fears.

The ones willing to stand naked, raw, and vulnerable in this world.  

It’s for us. 

The ones who cry tears for themselves and others. The ones who feel pain for themselves and others. 

It’s for the ones who pray, who humbly kneel before a greater intelligence and ask to be shown the way.

It’s for the ones remembering, the ones willing to reclaim their bodies, their minds, their hearts and their souls. 

This one’s for you.

I know the courage it takes, to keep breaking, to keep looking behind the veils, to keep getting thrown into dark voids.

I know the courage it takes to keep finding your way. I know what it’s like to walk in the mystery, to be humbled again and again,

and to continue to have faith.  

Today my prayer is for you. 

May grace visit you often. May you have a sanctuary in which to rest. May you be compassionate with yourself. May you know the sweet fruit of tenderness. May you have people that believe in you. May guides light your way.

May there be obvious and clear signs that you are on the right path. And when you have taken a detour, may you know that is part of the path also, that there are no mistakes. May you have the courage to redirect, to keep attuning yourself to Spirit, to keep letting the layers and illusions, the people and the places fall away.

May you keep dying into yourself, held in divine grace. May you know redemption is always offered. May you know you do not walk alone. May you know there are many of us who understand, and may we find each other and walk each other home.