Falling in love with the plant queendom and practicing sacred ritual changed my life.

As a seeker and student of life, connecting to the essence and magic of the Earth has been very healing for me. It has indeed been the most transformative thing I’ve done in my 17 year self-development career. It is what has connected the dots for me in a way I had been searching for my whole life. The deeper I connect to the beauty and intelligence of nature, the deeper I am able to connect to the beauty and intelligence within me, and the easier it is for me to connect to that same beauty and intelligence within you.

Knowing, and more importantly, experiencing myself as a thread in the tapestry of life, connected to all, inspires me to share what I have learned. It is my way of giving back to a life that has been extremely generous and kind to me. My intention is to encourage and teach you to implement plant medicine, ritual and ceremony into your life as a healing balm.

Holy Wild is my way of sharing the beauty, magic & grace I’ve found.

I combine my studies and experience of Spiritual Psychology (USM), Folk Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine and the subtle body and Chakra System to make medicine, create ritual kits, lead plant meditations, offer custom elixirs & consultations, and collaborate with coaches, mentors, artists, and healers.

Holy Wild evolves as I evolve, and my only plan with this creative outlet is to allow Divine Intelligence to guide & bless my creations, and all who partake in them with me.

This is me, Irene, medicine woman, ceremonialist, holistic entrepreneur, doing my best to be a good human while living my truth & creating my dreams.

This is me, Irene, medicine woman, ceremonialist, holistic entrepreneur, doing my best to be a good human while living my truth & creating my dreams.



As an organization Holy Wild is

guided by four core values.



We believe that connection is the solution to many of humanity’s problems, so we create offerings that assist us in connecting to: 

1. Self. Our authentic Self, the whole Self, the part of us that is beyond our conditioning— our original selves that are innocent & loving.

2. Source. The higher intelligence that informs all life.

3. the Earth. The living organism that mothers us, provides for us, whom we depend on for our greatest needs. Through connecting with the Earth we remember that we are nature itself, and that our life is interwoven with ALL life. 



Every choice we make impacts the whole, therefore, we choose doing the RIGHT thing over the easy thing.

We always consider sustainability and impact on people and the environment. Our plants and oils are all organic or ethically wild harvested/sourced. We collaborate with like-minded organizations and artisans, and exist to create a positive impact in our community and the world. 



We believe in harmony as a way of life. To us this means honoring and acknowledging our interdependence, and being willing to flow with the natural rhythms of life, listening for when it is time to do and not do, work and rest, expand or contract.



We are dedicated to making a positive contribution in the world. Three ways we do this are:

  1. Offering beautiful & uplifting products & services.

  2. Sourcing mindfully so that other artisans & small businesses can prosper.

  3. Directly contributing profits to organizations that take care of our planet & protect our plant kin. We have chosen to support Tree Sisters and United Plant Savers through monthly membership and profit donations so that they can continue their work of reforestation and protecting endangered plant species.